General Parking Regulations
Parking is permissible on all City streets where signs do not otherwise regulate parking. Parking in the downtown district is regulated through the use of parking meters. Follow the directions below or on the parking meter when parking in these spaces. In addition, you must follow the New York State Parking Regulations. Click here to read the New York State Parking Regulations as defined in the Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Manual.

Parking Garages and Lots
The City of Elmira owns and operates the Centertown Parking Garage, located at 101 W. Water Street near the Clemens Center, First Arena, Chemung County Transportation Center as well as businesses on Water Street, Gray Street, and Church Street.

The Eastowne Parking Garage is independently owned and operated and is located on the 100 block of Baldwin Street near Eastowne Mall, the Star-Gazette, the YMCA, and city and county office buildings on Lake Street.

Centertown Parking Garage Hours
6:30am - 10:30pm Monday-Friday
and during weekend events

Short Term Parking
Parking rates for the Centertown Parking Garage are:
First two hours: $.50
Each additional hour: $.75
Daily maximum: $5.00
Overnight rate: $3.00
Special Events: $3.00

Long Term Parking for Centertown Parking Garage
Unrestricted monthly parking: $30.00
Monthly Residential: $25.00

Group Parking Rates
Group Parking rates are available in the Centertown Parking Garage for businesses with employees in the downtown district. The discounted monthly rate for the number of parkers for businesses must be paid in one lump sum before the first day of the each month to be eligible for the group parking rates.

Parking Lots
The City of Elmira owns parking lots at 122 W. Water Street and 237 W. Water Street. When parking in these lots follow the directions in the lots. At 122 W. Water Street, you must pay for your space in the dropbox when you park. At 237 W. Water Street, pay the parking meters as you normally would park at any other parking meter.

Parking Meters
Parking meters are installed throughout the downtown district for on-street parking. When parking at parking meters, align the front or rear bumper of your car with the parking meter you are paying. Parking meters are required when parking in a metered space between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm on Mondays and Fridays. When parking at a meter, you are only allowed to park there for the maximum time indicated on the meter: 15 minutes, 1 hour. After this time passes, you must move your car- putting another coin into the meter is defined as feeding the meter and is a violation. Parking meters are not intended for all-day or employee parking. There is no parking, stopping, or standing in metered spaces when they are covered by an official bag indicating No Parking, Stopping or Standing, or when directed by a Police Officer or other city official.

Handicap Parking
Handicapped Parking is available in locations throughout the City. Parking or blocking a space (with a vehicle, shoveling snow, or shopping cart) marked by a handicap symbol or signed as a handicapped space either permanently or during specified hours is prohibited if you do not have a handicapped license plate or a handicapped permit. The fine for parking in a handicapped space is $75 plus a $30 surcharge by New York State. Applications for Handicapped parking permits are available in the City Clerk's office. Click here for more information on obtaining a handicapped parking permit.

Spaces are designated as handicapped by the Traffic Coordinating Board. If there is a location in the city where you feel there needs to be a handicapped space, you can petition the Traffic Coordinating Board to conduct a study and determine if a handicapped parking space is required. Click here to contact the Traffic Coordinating Board.

Event Parking
Parking for events at the Clemens Center, First Arena, Wisner Park, or downtown venues is provided in the City owned parking garage for $3.00 event parking. Other businesses in the downtown district provide parking in their lots during events for a charge determined by them. Parking is not permitted in private lots or plazas such as Langdon Plaza for event-goers. Vehicles which are parked in these lots may be towed away at the owner's expense.

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